Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rain Barrels so close to being done!

Thanks to the help of a good family friend I have almost completed my rain barrels. I have bought some new supplies and decided to take my design in a different direction than what I originally planned to do, but that is part of being ready, to just go with the flow! Here is a picture of what I have now.

I am hoping to get it done this weekend; however, due to some health problems I have to have help when I am working or nothing gets done, but no worries a surgery in the very near future will have me able to do things alone again in NO TIME!

As you can see there is not a lot left to do. I need to cut the drainage pipe and run it into the top, connect the two barrels at the top and the bottom and run my over flow pipe. I plan to be done this weekend. 

The worse part about not getting it cone this past weekend is that my county has been under a flood warning since yesterday due to the massive rain storms we have been getting. Lots of missed water! 

 I will give a full run down of all the steps and precautions once the system is fully complete. I also have many step by step pictures that I will share with you at that time. 

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