Tuesday, October 2, 2012

General store items are taken care of

As projected I worked on my general items in my basement that were scattered here there and everywhere. While they were all in one general location there was not at all organized. Here is a picture of a mound of goods once I pulled them from places and piled them all together. 
Big pile of toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins.
But there are boxes behind it all holding it up!

Seeing this I am sure most would say NO WAY IN HECK!

The thing is I needed to organize it so that I could see what items I need to be prepared for that event that might happen. So I looked at the space I had.
Behold the new panorama option on the iPhone!

I also have an area which is behind me which is about 8 foot by 5 foot where my heater and water heater are. 

So I started at it. My goal going into this was to get everything organized so I can move my food items from one storage room to this one. In order to do that I needed to clear off the wooden shelves that is by the pile of paper items. 

After about 2 hours and a lot of help from my son I was able to get my room completely organized and almost ready to go for the food items!

You see a window there, if the SHTF that window will immediately be painted black and boarded up. 

The final product
You can see that I organized the items into sections, this will help me keep an inventory of items (which I still need to do).
Used this shelf and my podiums under the
appliances to store my fabric softeners and detergents.

So much more organized!

So when you look at this stuff you might think that my wife and I are insane for having these items but we have bought those using coupons and catching deals. But regardless we are now prepared in these areas! This is one more item to remove from my list! 

Now I need to inventory and create a list of items that are still needed!

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