Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Supermarket/Pantry Prepping

While you are prepping you might wonder, what foods can I get from the store that will help me during the first part of the end of the world scenario. I have sought out that information for you and have compiled it into a list for your convenience.

How much food you plan to get is entirely up to you but as a guide let me give you some advice. You know how I feel about urban areas, but I still think about you so I recommend that you should get at least 3 months of food per person. If you plan to bug out as soon as the SHTF, which I recommend, you do not want to have to worry about lugging around tons of food with you so you may want to prepare by going to a rendezvous point at sometime and bury some food for later pick up, I will cover this in a later posts titled "Burying to Survive".

If you plan on being in that one spot for quite some time you could stock up to 6 months to a year, but you will have to adapt to a steady rotation of goods so that nothing grows old. Here are some items that you should look into stocking from the super market so that you start off on the right foot.

This information was gathered from books as well as other internet sites and compiled to benefit you!

You can start your stocking by getting some harder grains that have a shelf life of 7-10 years. 

Soft White Wheat
Dry Corn
Durum Wheat
Hard Red Wheat

These softer grains have a shelf life of 6-8 years and need to be kept in a cool dark place in sealed containers.

Oat Groats,

Some basic items that will last from 3-6 years 

Canned foods such as tuna and soups
Powdered milk
Freeze dried herbs
Peanut butter
Canned Vegi's
Ramen Noodles (trust me you will want them in a life or                          death situation) 

You will need some pasta and flour for their nutritional value, these items if stored properly will keep for around 8 years

All Purpose Flour
White Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
White Rice ( up to 10 years)

Some other things that will be beneficial to your diet are beans, which can hold a shelf life of up to 9 years if stored in a cool dry place and are not exposed to oxygen. 

Garbanzo Beans
Mung Beans
Black Turtle Beans
Blackeye Beans
Pinto Beans
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Adzuki Beans

Finally you have the foods that you will want to have for various reasons that hold a shelf life for much longer if stored correctly

Liquor (I suggest a few bottles of Jack but you store what                   you want) 

While prepping at the supermarket think of other items that are not food related that you can stock up on to make life easier for you once the SHTF. I will compile a list of these items for you in an upcoming post titled "General Store Prep Items".

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