Friday, August 31, 2012

World Wide Preparation

I have noticed on my stats page that I have a great number of blog viewers that are from outside of the US. First off, thank you to everyone that reads my blog! Secondly, since I have noticed this I thought it would be proper to clear up something.

I have made it clear that I live in the Midwest USA. My region is full of farm land and dairy farms for the most part. We have some inland bodies of water but nothing that is too large. We also have the Mississippi River which is about 50 miles from my location with some of its tributaries much closer to my home.

As I prepare for things to hit the fan here, do the same where you are! As I write about my climate, and terrain think about how they are similar or how you can adjust your own needs to fit in with the tips I am giving to you. 

When the SHTF in the US, there is a great possibility that the entire world will be impacted; this will be because we are at war or because of some sort of outbreak. 

My fellow readers from abroad you too need to be prepared for what might one day come to your part of the world! 

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