Friday, August 31, 2012

Surprise at the grocery store

If you read my blog you understand the message behind it, if not I will reiterate it to you. 

At any given time an unannounced event could take place that would end our dependence on the grocery store, for this reason my family will prepare to be self-reliant in many areas of our life. 

We are still preparing to be self reliant and are not yet fully capable. So last night I had to run to our local grocery store to grab a few things that we needed around the house. While I was there I noticed that for a Thursday night at 7:00 the store seemed kind of busy. Not thinking too much about it I went about my business and started placing the items off my list into my cart. 

While I was looking at the meat cuts and deciding which ones I wanted to use for our weekend meals I overheard two females talking about the storms that were headed to our area. These storms are the leftover rains from Hurricane Isaac, which struck the gulf coast earlier in the week. As I was eavesdropping I heard one of the women say that she came to get bread in milk in case the weather got bad.

As I was listening to this it dawned on me that I had not even considered this storm to be anything more than some rain. Then it dawned on me that due to my new outlook on the importance of prepping I have learned to ignore media induced fear and prepare for what the media will not see coming. 

I moved on through the store and as I approached the other end of the store where I was wrapping up my shopping experience I heard a man on his phone talking about the same thing! I was really troubled at this point. 

I took something from this trip to the store. If people in my area are running to the store to stock up on items because we are going to get some tropical rain for a few days, I do not even want to think of the chaos that will follow a real natural or manmade disaster! 

I also realized something that I have known for a while but last night it was thrown in my face! The news will always make something that is not that major seem much larger which will induce a great amount of fear into the viewer causing even more chaos. 

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